Groceries Shopping in an Exotic

As I mentioned before, almost anything is possible when daily driving an exotic. It gets down to how much effort you want to put it to tackle the task ahead. For example, if you do want to have a roof rack on your Ferrari or Lamborghini, you can certainly bring a ton of shit home from IKEA. » 10/14/14 11:46am 10/14/14 11:46am

Daily Driving an Exotic

So here I am looking at my odometer, now showing I am only 100 miles from reaching the amazing, almost unbelievable amount of 37,000 trouble free miles on my Lamborghini Gallardo. » 10/08/14 11:14pm 10/08/14 11:14pm

Why the BMW E38 Is A Future Classic

After reading about the Future Classics on Jalopnik I had this article on my mind for a very long time. Then this week Travis posted this awesome article about a 1998 E38 740iL. So I had to write this. Now. » 3/06/14 12:21pm 3/06/14 12:21pm

What does ‘High Mileage Exotic’ mean?

After reading so many Jalopnik articles and being part of the car scene in many forums due to the little collection of fine vehicles I own (well in my opinion they are indeed fine specimens), it still baffles me what the meaning of a high mileage vehicle is. » 11/01/13 10:57am 11/01/13 10:57am